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The Canadian Mountain Network is a National Centre of Excellence dedicated to the promotion of mountain systems research focused on the braiding of Indigenous and Western ways of knowing. We’ve provided a curated selection of resources within our focus areas of mountain systems research, braiding of knowledges, and working well with Indigenous peoples within environmental research practice.

This is not designed to be an exhaustive list of resources, but rather a starting point to support you on your journey within this field. We encourage you to seek out resources that are locally relevant to you and the Indigenous communities you are seeking to work with. Every community has their own culture and protocols; these resources should not and do not replace the need to work directly with communities as they best see fit.

Click on the boxes below to see resources under each theme:

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Bringing Knowledge Systems Together

Principles and practical guidance to support the integration of Indigenous and Western knowledge


Governance, Policies & Ethics

Relevant policies and federal guidelines that support or historically impact Indigenous communities and Indigenous-led research

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Indigenous Knowledge in Research

The benefits and successes of Indigenous knowledge in science


Supporting Resources

Mountain research publications, courses, professional associations and more

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